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An folgenden Tagen ist unser Institut in 2020 geschlossen:

  • Immer Donnerstag (Ruhetag)
  • 08.03.2020 (Feiertag in Berlin)
  • 09.04. bis 16.04.2020 (Osterferien)
  • 01.05.2020 (Feiertag)
  • 08.05.2020 (Feiertag in Berlin)
  • 21.05.2020 (Feiertag)
  • 31.05. bis 01.06.2020 (Pfingsten)
  • 03.10.2020 (Feiertag)
  • 23.12.19 bis 07.01.21 (Winterferien)

Akane Fujiwara

Akane FujiwaraAkane Fujiwara was born in Japan. Already at the age of 4 she started her ballet education at Fujiwara ballet-school and was educated by her grandmother and her mother. Akanes Grandmother was assistant of Akiko Tachibana, who founded Ballet in Japan. To still improve her skills, in 1994 Akane began studiying at Tachibana ballet-school (1994-2003). Additionally in 2000 she studied at Ballett Arts & Steps in NYC. In 2001 she joined the Asami Maki Ballett in Japan. Beginning in 2003 she studied different Dance-styles at Kate Simmons Dance Ltd. School (U.K.). She got the National Diploma of Trinity College London (2006) and the Senior Award for Jazz at Kate Simmons Dance Ltd. School (2006). Since young days she teaches dance at Fujiwara Ballettschool. Since 2009 she worked also in Germany as choreographer, dance- and fitnesstrainer and took part in some projects by Mark Headley and Xavier Reese.